If you have never been lost in the woods....

...then get lost!! (The team at www.jonnywoods.com are still working on a better way to say that). Jonny Woods’ latest song “Waiting” is the next tree in a veritable forest of music gowing on iTunes and other reputable digital distribution channels. Join the movement and start buying, listening to and screaming your support from the rooftops of this New Zealand born answer to Jason Mraz, Eric Hutchison and other such soulful songsters.

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Waiting for waiting 

 Just finished recording my favourite song yes - Waiting! Now my genius friend Jase-Max is getting the music video nailed and all perfect timing for New Zealand Music Month! I am loving  more than ever  the process of recording now (used to hate it). But working with talented guys like Rahu and Jeff of project studios has just transformed the whole experience for me. Can't wait to record the next song now!!  Me and Rahu (from Project studios) after it is all said and done.